Donald Trump Is A Great Man…

After my first job replacing a failed drop wire, I needed a mocha. I was near the original Peet’s at Vine and Walnut in the heart of liberal Mecca. At 10:30am, the place was packed with coffee zombies. I looked for a table and there it was, a table by the window but with two older people having a conversation at one end of it.

I asked politely, “May I?” The woman said, “Yes you may as long as we don’t have to discuss how evil President Trump is.” I had no World’s Largest Telecommunications Company branded clothes on so I said, “He’s not my president. He’s our nation’s narcissistic charismatic psychopath.” She quickly said in a loud voice, “I wish I had never allowed you to sit down!” I replied, “Oops, I’m sorry  I really wasn’t asking for your real permission, I was going to sit down whether you liked it or not, just like your buddy says things but doesn’t mean it.”

She got up and said, “I’ve had enough of this!” A guy sitting next to me said, “Another ignorant Trump supporter. She believes everything he says.” I replied, “This sounds terrible but some of the women who voted for that moron saw Trump as their perception of what a strong daddy figure was. Maybe they lacked that sort of man in their lives.” The guy asked, “You a psychiatrist?” I replied, “Na a phone man.” This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Great Man…

  1. I think that woman is living on the wrong planet or else in another realm of life. Sitting in Berkeley? Really? She expects something different? lol I hope you enjoyed your mocha, Juan.

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  2. First, great post. Second, don’t scare me with a title like this again. My anxiety is at an all time high already ๐Ÿ˜‰ I even posted a non-threatening, glass is half full type person post today to TRY to snap out of it. It was fun for a few minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Where Ron works there is a large portion of “conservatives”. They were vocal against anything Hillary, and angry at anything democrat. Even those who did not brag up tRump said they would hold their nose and vote for him. Now almost to a person they are upset. The constantly piss and moan about all the crazy things this president and his crew do. Many will not admit they voted for him. Most turn away, Ron says, and claim they won’t talk about it, are tired of politics, and that they have to go do something right away. What he doesn’t hear anymore is a lot of conservative talk with all the bragging they did when they could just be anti Obama and claim everything wrong was his fault. Hugs

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