Wet Wet and More Wet…

I knew yesterday would to be another wet day when I put my key in the lock on my rear tool bin and water squirted out. The rain began to fall hard the minute I exited the garage and it rained on and off the entire day. My supervisor called and told me to go and check out the tree damage on our cable and I did as told. The little grove of eucalyptus just couldn’t take anymore wind or rain and came crashing down. I tried to go to the other side of the road but found the road totally washed out into the canyon. Somewhere under the pile of tree is a road. My job was to see if our cable was damaged when the 12KV hit our cable, it hadn’t. After the tree people did their job and the weight off our cable, the poles were able to bounce back. The PG&E guys resupported the two poles by restringing new guywires.

All this work had to be done in the pouring rain. Today they say we will get a break from the rain. Yesterday “Taco” Takahashi had a minor fender bender. People drive wildly in the rain and they think we can stop our trucks on a dime. I am so glad Tashi and I are heading to Mouseland tomorrow. Yes, I’ll be missing two days of time and a half all day but I don’t care. I need to dry out… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Wet Wet and More Wet…

  1. Kudzu…native to Asian islands, was brought into Portland to keep the mud slides from happening. However, the dumb ones didn’t do their research and the kudzu is so invasive that it takes over any surface it comes into contact with. So, mud slides or better landscaping? I’d put a pic of kudzu here but have no idea how to do that.

    Enjoy Sunny SoCal (if it’s going to be sunny) there, Juan. Get a face full of cotton candy (do they still make that stuff?).

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  2. Incredible! Those areas must be really scary places to have a home. Insurance would be Deadly. I think I would be a bit nervous on that long boom if it swayed in the wind. How long is your boom? Hope you get dried out on your two days off. Take pictures. Hugs

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