A Motel 6 From Hell…

Knowing I had to do a fast turn around, I decided to stay at a Motel6. It would be cheap and I could take a real shower; the shower in the RV is more of a trickle than a real shower. Sure enough as their motto said, “They left a light on for me.” A few minutes later I was in room 244 and snug as a bug in bed. It was at around 1:40am when I thought I felt and heard an earthquake hit. The noise had awoken me out of a dead sleep.

A minute later I hear screaming and yelling from room 243. A man and woman were fighting and arguing. You could tell by their voices they were drunk and it was right about then that he must have pushed her again the wall. She screamed out, “I’m going to leave you. You’re an A-hole.” The door slammed and it was quiet for 10 minutes when round two started. I had my hand on the hotel phone about to call the front desk when I heard them making love…

They say their are two types of abusers. The ones that punch and beat their partners and the other just shoves and pushes them around. I guess he was the latter and maybe a knock down drag out fight is their demented foreplay. I bet they don’t have a clue that their relationship is seriously ill. Maybe she thinks that love is a push or shove because that means he loves and cares about her? I got the hell out of there and upon checking out, I told the front desk person. She looked up the room and said, “243, they’re regulars…” I replied, “Wonderful. One day he’ll kill her.” This too will pass

8 thoughts on “A Motel 6 From Hell…

  1. Good sleep, a little demented entertainment/drama, and off ya go. Heading south now to the world of expensive imagination? Have Minnie kiss you smack on your lips with her plastic ones and see how that feels.

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  2. That sucks, lol. There’s another kind of abuser….well, many kinds. The kind who emotionally batter you every day, gas-light you, torment you, try to ruin your relationships with anyone else who cares about you. (That was my personal type of abuser.) And financial abusers, who dole out not quite enough money to make ends meet, and walk away like it’s’ not their problem that there’s nothing to eat but cheerios. And sexual abusers…. And all of these don’t hit or even push. But make you want to die. Not all emotional abusers become physical abusers, but all physical abusers start out with emotional abuse. Most of them just acting out what they lived through. It’s all they know. And it goes on and on, ad infinitum, until someone makes the effort to break the cycle.

    It’s why Cheetoman so triggers me. He is a classic emotional abuser of the worst kind. And financial, and sexual.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get on my soapbox, lol. Glad you got out of there….

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