Don’t Be a Trip Nazi…

I’ve been given strict orders not to be a Trip Nazi, they say I tend to set my destination coordinates in my brain and then do not deviate from my goal. I’m always told that it’s the journey, not the destination that’s important. I haven’t spent any time with Tashi because of all the overtime I’ve been doing. On Monday I’m Buy her a ticket to go to New Jersey with me…

She can keep Elena company while I continue painting up a storm. Hopefully it will be warm and toasty at the end of March… it can’t be colder than it was a couple of weeks ago or can it? Tashi is a good natured person and fun to travel with as opposed to Josh, “Why didn’t you get me in first class dad thanks.” This too will pass

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Trip Nazi…

  1. What a great thing to do!!! I will say “warm and toasty” is a little aggressive for NJ in march, lol. But it can’t be worse, it should be moderator better. Windy though. March can be really blustery up there! Just don’t pack your shorts, lol. And so pack your warm coat!!


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