California Adventure…

I’ve never been into Disney anything. I hadn’t been T o Disneyland for a couple of years so when Tashi and I walked up to the water bottle cart and said, “We’ll take two please.” The attendant said, “That’ll be 20 dollars.” What is that a 1000 percent mark up? I like candy apples but 12 dollars is a bit overpriced. 

Dinner consisted of a bread bowl with clam chowder and a sandwich, thirty dollars later we gobbled down our minimal meal… We drank the previously purchased water… The Disney Corporation keeps thousands employed and it needs to make money but 10 dollars for water?! I find it interesting that for safety reasons they don’t allow outside bottles of water on the property. I wonder why? This too will pass

5 thoughts on “California Adventure…

  1. I live about 3 hours from Disney World. We use to go to each park once or twice a year. However it got way too expensive for what we could do or get from it. I agree with you, the costs have skyrocketed. Can you imagine being a couple with a couple young kids or more, trying to afford a vacation there. You know kids will beg for toys and souvenirs, the costs to eat and drink as you mention, plus rooms and the whole thing. It would take four months income to do it. That is wrong. Hugs


  2. I had no idea at all that Disney charged that much to eat and drink. I lived in California for 13 years and never went to Disneyland; I’ve lived here in Florida and haven’t been to Disney World yet. I really don’t like theme parks, so I doubt I’ll go. I loved the Harry Potter books, so the Potterworld place kinda/sorta interests me… but I haven’t done diddly about going. Now I read your post and probably won’t bother.

    When my ex-wife and I visited some Caribbean resort as day guests many years ago, they too charged around $10 for a bottle of water. They blamed it on “import” fees. I guess I know better now in hindsight. – Marty


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