I’ll Admit It, I’ve Never Seen A Star Wars Movie…

Taking a break from the crowds and taking a load off our feet, we ended up at The Star Wars museum where Star Trekkies abounded. Wow a real Luke Skywalker Red helmet as opposed to his less popular white helmet, wow a Poe Dameron Helmet..! Did Carrie Fisher wear one? Princess Leah recently died, not in a massive explosion of two epic size stars colliding but from a bad heart. 

I think we saw Ob-Juan-Konobe, I guess he was Hispanic. I liked Him in Bridge on The River Kwai, now that was a movie. The movie’s about to start.. This too will pass

8 thoughts on “I’ll Admit It, I’ve Never Seen A Star Wars Movie…

  1. I’m not a sci-fi fan but I love Star Wars. Don’t ask me why. Maybe cuz it was the first movie I saw with crazy special effects. Maybe because 20 years after I first saw it I got to see it again through my 4 yr old sons eyes. Maybe because there is a clear-cut battle of good Vs evil and George Lucas liberally had great wisdom coming out of the wise men’s mouths, like Yoda saying, “there is no try. There is only do.” Maybe all of it. I hope you enjoyed it. They’re opening up a Star Wars park at the Disney fine here. I will probably go. 😊

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