My Temporary Goal or Juan’s Wild Ride!

People have retirement goals and why can’t I? On March 7th I turn sixty big ones, my newest goal is to become a comical guide on The Jungle Cruise. No, I’ll be great until I got fired for going off script and telling an off color joke. “Well folks, there to the left is a mad of crows. Hello Mrs. Pearson!” (Roberta’s long gone mom with that vile beak of hers. Always cawing her hate for me.)

I live my personal Disneyland, sudden drops and being blown around on a windy day in my bucket. Spiders and creepy crawly things accent my day. We took Indiana Jones Adventure and people screamed in terror, I thought, “This is a ride up to The Firewood Temple on a rainy and windy night. The dark and dank hole with roaches scurrying around reminded me of manhole 4367 on Telegraph and 40th Street in Oakland. This too will pass

13 thoughts on “My Temporary Goal or Juan’s Wild Ride!

  1. You may have to open your own ‘theme park’, Juan, for the perv humor you have. I’m sure there will be a lot of adventurers ready to cue up in line for your “Temple of Horrors”. And, you can charge big bucks for ‘Spider Melts’ and ‘dragon breath ice cones’ and ‘snake venom lollipops’ and ‘toe jam cream cicles’.

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