Overwhelmed and Drained…

Without fail, at approximately 3 or 4pm, hundreds of tired toddlers start to get cranky and in turn parents begin to do anything they can to calm their little ones down. Promises of, “We’re going to see Mickey now! Won’t that be fun?!” and “Do you want a Minnie Mouse chocolate pop or one of those Goofy lemon candy things?”can be heard throughout the park. Just what an upset child needs, more sugar. The truth is, the child was done two hours ago and the rest of the day’s adventures will be trying to keep little Travis or Micah from melting down any further.

Tashi and I were standing in line for one of the car rides when just in front of us there was a couple with a screaming 3 year old boy. The child had been up since the crack of dawn and he was totally and completely exhausted. His eyes were swollen shut by crying and his face covered with sticky lollipop residue. The mom was desperately trying to comfort him while dad looked ahead in the line almost unaware of his son’s complete melt down.

Tashi has a wicked sense of humor. She quietly whispered, “What’s more fulfilling than a baby’s cry?” I replied, “What?” Softly she answered, “Peace, quiet and money.” We both nodded in agreement. I told her, “You get it! I want you to have fun in your life. Cleaning stinky diapers isn’t fun and trying to control an out of control child isn’t either, it’s work.” She agreed. 

At the end of the day, as we walked to the hotel shuttle stop. I told her, “I’m happy Hunter was born. Matt can’t be a father and I doubt Josh will either. I want you to not be bound down with figuring out if you have enough bottles of formula ready. Keep trying to get a flight attendant job if that’s what you want. I just want you happy.” My feet were sore upon arrival back at the hotel but I said, “Let’s hit it early tomorrow. Mouseland awaits.” This too will pass

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