Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur Park

Next stop on our journey is finding a bakery in LA that sells a green frosted cake and then on to MacArthur Park. Yes, we’re going to by one of those slices of green almond princess cake (rather than the whole cake) and then I’ll place it on the welcome sign at the entrance MacArthur’s Park. I wish it was raining so I could leave my cake out in the rain but it will be sunny today…

Tashi gets a kick out of hearing what Roberta says about my humor or lack of, “You’re not funny. No one finds you funny! I don’t find you funny!” I’m sure our little adventure has been done thousands of times since 1968 when the song came out. I don’t care and if I could happen to find a striped pair of pants, I would wear them…

I hope we can find a couple of old men playing Chinese Checkers under the trees… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur Park

  1. Hello Juan you seem so happy with sharing your time with Tashi. I am really happy for you having time to enjoy with what all the stress and hard times you face. Does Tashi live near you? Do you get to see her often? Be well, enjoy. Hugs

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