The Happiest Place in The, Oh Shut Up…

As I’ve said before, I’ve never seen one Star Wars movie. We waited a half hour to have our picture taken with him. He made some sort of sound like he had nasal issues while clearing his throat. The children ahead of us laughed and giggled when he made the same sound for them. All I could think was, “How many times a day did that guy inside the costume have to make that sound?”That’s right, three marshmallows with four dots of chocolate and a smiling face costs 4.99…  The chocolate cherry covered apple, well you don’t even want to know how much that one will set you back… Okay, food costs at Mouseland and why not? You’re at The Happiest Place in The World, until you leave and thirty days later your Visa statement shows up, “Forty dollars for two cheeseburgers, a fries and two Cokes?”I guess for this woman at the handrail, Disneyland is just like home. This piece of human waste beat her tired toddler senseless because he was whining and this happened while the father chewed his lunch. The only reason she stopped was because she drew attention to her beating… Did I mention Disney is The Happiest Place in The World?Then there was this human piece of garbage. As we waited in a 40 minute line, we got to see the interaction between this hulk and the little girl with him. First let me say this, I hate short eyes as they call them in prison. 

So this guy starts playing the tickle game with his red head little girl. A little tickling would ok but he keeps on going, long past what is acceptable and you know when it’s gone beyond. Then he starts that subtle dominance game of twisting fingers and other weird things, his hands were all over her. Finally he leaves her alone and he puts is hands in his pockets but keeps moving his fingers…  The little girl grabs for his fingers, as she has done before or was taught. She grabs something else and giggles, “That’s not your finger grandpa!” He smiled and she didn’t say it as if it was her first time either. 

Finally, when Disney first opened California Adventure, the poor cousin to Mouseland, it was a failing park. No one wanted to see how rice was produced in Central California so they added a bunch of fun rides. Still the park’s attendance numbers were miserablely low. What did they do to increase people wanting to go there? They allow people to walk around with jug sized plastic glasses of beer and wine. What a perfect place for a self denying alcoholic to be! So while you’re waiting your turn to ride Cars, you can throw back a couple of 32 oz beers.The line will take 50 minutes and meanwhile mom has had a few goblets of Zin… We did pass a guy walking with a stroller with vomit on his shirt and his sauced wife. I forgot to mention how Disneyland is The Happiest Place in The World. This too will pass

19 thoughts on “The Happiest Place in The, Oh Shut Up…

  1. We now refer to go to Busch Gardens. It has rides but is much more flower and animal oriented. I can ride rides any more but their paths are wide and clear, everything is easy for the disabled to get into. They have great shops and a bunch of food places. Basically a Disney world but much cleaner, easier, and cheaper. As a resident the last t me we did it we could buy a yearly pass for $99 and each visit we got a meal bracelet that let us have food and drink free at any restaurant. The bracelet costs $30 dollars. Street venders you still had to pay if you bought from them, but we found the restaurants so well spaced we could just go in and get drinks free. Maybe they have one where you are. Hugs

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  2. Your first mistake was actually admitting that you knew where Disneyland is! LOL
    I always said that I wouldn’t go to Disneyworld is a chauffeur driven limousine showed up at my front door, everything was free and somebody carried me around the place.
    OH….and I have never seen a Star Wars movie either.

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  3. I loved Disney world when I took my son when he was finally out of that house with the creep. We had a ball. That being said it cost me half again as much as a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean. I didn’t see any drunks when we went to Disney. The cruise is a different story. Some of those people could barely get back on the ship under their own power. Crazy how people abuse themselves and their families.

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