Hello from Santa Nella, California… 

We could of pushed through to Oakland but Tashi and I were hungry, tired and maybe we just wanted our mini-vacation to last a little longer. As we came up on the windmill sign of Anderson’s Pea Soup, I said, ” Let’s take a break and get some food there!” We both agreed we had left L.A too late. 

The Anderson Pea Soup Restaurant is a family own place with an old fashion Dutch windmill out in front. The hostess sat us down and the second she left us, I said, “Let’s stay at the Best Western across the way. We’re beat and if I can get you to mom’s by 7:30, I can be at work with my boots on by 8:00am.” She didn’t argue. I called the Diamond something something line and quickly the call center person had us ready to go.

It’s 2:55 as I’m typing this and Tashi is sound asleep in the other bed. I must say we both had a great time, lots of fun and we spent a needed three day father-daughter time together. Okay once in a while we’d get our feathers ruffled, we’re both Roosters under the Chinese astrological sign. We squawk and then calm down and move on. That’s our nature and I’m totally okay with it. We must get back on The 5 no later than 5:30am to make this plan work, see ya later alligator mississippiensis… This too will pass

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