At Least It’s Stopped Raining…

They say it will be clear sailing for the next seven days yet everything Telecommunications wise is still soggy. Water gets into cables, splices and even phone jacks, especially phone jacks. We are still on 11 hour days until the end of the week. Then it will be back to straight time, right when we were getting used to being on time and a half all day. 

On March 25th, I’m taking Tashi to New Jersey with me and she can’t wait. It will be right about then that a work loan will be offered and I’ll have to decline going. The loaners from Kansas, Missouri and Texas are going to head back to where they came from soon and we’ll take their place. 

Those of us in California are total weather wimps. I happened to run across one of the out of state loaners who said the last heavy downpour was drizzle where he’s from… This morning, we were sitting in the crew room and we all couldn’t imagine working in Mid-West snowy conditions, now that’s wimpy. Without a retirement buyout in the foreseeable future, I’ll be working a few more winters… This too will pass

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