They sent me out to help Alan G on  a miserable job in El Cerrito. I usually end up doing everything while he sits in his truck. I really don’t care, as he says, “I’m not lazy. I just don’t care anymore.” He’s on the day crew and thus doesn’t get the time and a half pay all day. It bothers him to no end but that’s the union contract. Those days are coming to an end with the dry weather forecasted… 

Rodney G. called me to help him and when I got to the location he said, “I thought I’d need you but it was a bad cord.” Frankly, if I didn’t have a ladder truck, I’d be doing the same thing. Rodney likes me and he also doesn’t care anymore. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has beat it out of us. The three of us have each more than 35 years under our belts doing this job. 

There are 100 ways to fail in this job title and one way to win, until they change the goal post for the 100th time… I was working at a terminal when Steve C. came up to me and said, “You know I think of suicide everyday between 7:30 and 4!” I replied, “My suicide watch starts at  11am to 7:30.” We both laughed. He too has quite a few years doing  this job. We hate management and we can’t wait till they want us to fill out those surveys of how wonderful it is to be working at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company. Everyone I know writes comments  of the hate for how they treat us and still the company proclaims that all their employees are happy and content… This too will pass

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