And The Total Moron Award Goes To…

I believe there was a two person tie for my first weekly “Juan’s Complete and Total Moron Award.” First up is the guy in Kansas who had had enough of foreign looking people at his favorite restaurant. He yelled out, “Get out of our country!” That short statement was followed by him shooting two men from India because, in his moronic mind Indians and Iranians, “They all look the same.” I’m sure that will be his defense, “Your honor, I thought they were Iranians!” 

Second up is our laughing stock of a President, Mr. Donald J Trump. Yesterday he said, “No one thought healthcare would be that complicated.” I guess he has never filled out a healthcare form in his life. This complete and total moron thought he would just abolish Obamacare and replace it with a Walgreens discount medical supply card. I’m not a doctor nor a financial planner and even my thimble sized brain knows that providing healthcare for hundreds of millions of people is complicated…

The second contender for my weekly moron award will address his people tonight at 8pm eastern time. What do you want to bet the following words will be used by this dumb as bricks man: huge, terrific, great, a friend of mine and special. The moron in Kansas will in all likelihood be hoping Mr. Trump gives him clemency for helping him rid the country of undesirables. Please tell me your choices for the moron award. This too will pass

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