Hunter’s In For The Touchdown!

In 25 days I’ll be flying east to see the little family. Hunter enjoys running around in the yard but a missing chain link gate is needed to close off the backyard to prevent him from running into the street. Hunter loves to exercise and throw the foam football to his dad. What a big boy! 

Chris hopes he gets into football because he’s built quite sturdy for being 22 months old. I told Chris, “Just maybe Hunter might be a San Francisco 49er!” I knew that would bother Chris to no end. The Dallas Cowboys are Chris’s team and when he was young, he had a Dallas Star painted on his bedroom ceiling. 

Even if Hunter gets a chance to make it to the pros, I would be beyond happy! As long as he doesn’t go to those cheating Pittsburgh Steelers. 🙂 No one wears Steelers jerseys in this part of the country, not after they did their cheating ways against the Oakland Raiders in the early seventies but I digress. The truth is as long as Hunter’s happy and healthy is all that matters to me. This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Hunter’s In For The Touchdown!

  1. Or, Hunter may decide to get into ballet. Pittsburgh? Home of my birth. Never followed sports and embarrassed when someone said: “Hey, those Steelers. How are they doing?” “I have no idea.”

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  2. When my son played hockey, all the parents thought their kid was NHL caliber, lol. Including me and my ex. But to be honest some of his good friends actually made the show. So it’s possible. You never know. My son quit to break his fathers control of him. I used to wonder where he’d be if he hadn’t had to do that. But fact is, he’s a happy, successful, well adjusted kid. That’s all I ask too. 😊


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