Without Toonce here, there’s nothing to come here for, oh I know it’s the zero rent I’m paying. Yesterday, I mailed the first of many mortgage payments and reminded myself of the Latin meaning of mortgage, unto death. Hopefully I get at least get to pay a hundred of the 359 to go, then it will be all on Chris. 

Rob and I resumed driving into work Monday after my imposed break. He said, “Did you here about Charles in the Oakland17 frames. He retired and died a few days later.” I pretended I knew who he was talking about and said, “That’s terrible! After all those years of working just to die. Are we just worker ants for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company?”

With a bunch of time to kill yesterday evening, I sat in my truck and looked at the retiree/active employee death announcements on my iPad. It’s a little ritual I do from time to time. Once in a while I come upon someone I once worked with but mostly it’s an endless stream of the unknown. 

One day it will say, “Juan Guerra…El Verano Ca. or Clifton N.J with the month and day.” I will be added to the endless list of the souls who did what they did so some nameless person could call and say, “Hi it’s me, the shipment is late or I miss you.” If you look at the ratio of men and women, there were certainly more women employed in the 60’s and 70’s as clerks, operators and service representatives. They gave their lives so you could make a collect call, dispute a bill or add call waiting… This too will pass

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