It’s Called a Section Throw…

It was determined that the 900 pair cable we were working on was unsalvagable and it would need to be replace so that everyone’s service could be restored. We handed that mess off to a construction crew and up packing it up at midnight. Construction will hopefully use another duct to pull in a new cable and then splice it in, bypassing the damaged section of cable. 

No one thought there would be so much rain this winter but man what a cash cow. Believe it or not Rob grossed 25,000 dollars last month and maybe the same or more in February. That will make up for the summer months when there is little to no overtime. Alan G. Told me, “This is day 34 of working!” The loaners from out of state were sent to the Lake Tahoe area to fight 35 foot high piles of snow. I can’t even imagine working in snow; snow looks pretty but it’s cold. 

Yes my mind wanders to other places and it takes me away from missing Toonce. I was called a couple of weeks ago that his ashes were ready for pick up and I just can’t go there. Imagine, a man who can’t go to a vet to ask for his cat’s remains? This too will pass

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