The Best Coast…

When it’s nice here, it’s super nice. The sun is out and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Hopefully the rains are done, my entire crew is exhausted from being made to work long hours. I sometimes look to the west and see the city where I once worked. I lament over leaving to come to this side of the bay. 

That tall building under construction is the new SalesForce Headquarters in San Francisco. To this day, I try to wrap my brain around what they do but I can’t. I was told once what they produced and I smiled as if I understood, I still had no clue. The building is 66 stories tall and the tower cranes go up another 20 stories… 

At least it’s dry and getting warm. Mr. Sexappeal asked me to boom up to this end pole and check for sync. It was a bad pair of wires, thousands feet away, we’ll spend hours getting the customer in and within weeks fiber will be put on the strand… This too will pass

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