Wasted Day Wasted Night…

Rob called me at 7pm and said, “You want to work a failure?” I have no one to go home to so I said, “Why not? It’ll make up for taking Thursday thru Saturday off. Yeah sure!” Here I am, standing at the corner of 5th Ave. and East 10th. We relieved the day shift crew and now we will be here through the night! 

Staying out all night will get me to double time that much faster and will make up for those expensive bottles of Disneyland water. I would rather be in a better part of Oakland but the trick is not to fear anything. When it quiets down, it will be just fine. I don’t mind handing tools down to Rob and Alan M at 63.50 an hour. Alan is young and gung-ho and enjoys working long hard hours…

Tashi just called me today and asked me to fix her phone. I told her I would at some cost to be determined. I’m surprised Josh hasn’t called me asking me to help himpay his rent. I heard I’m what they call a “sandwich parent.”That’s what they call a parent who helps their adult children… Right now I make plenty of money and my needs and wants are simple… This too will pass

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