Be Good To Yourself…

After helping Zeke run a new fiber install I made my way to a McDonalds. There she was, the rail thin woman with a Disney Cup with beer in it. I watched as she stood there spilling her beer by tipping her cup. She lapsed into unconsciousness several times. I said to her, “Dear, you’re spilling your drink and you don’t want that.” She told me how she had just bought the plastic cup for twenty-five cents.

As I waited for my food to be assembled, the waiting customers and I watched as she again went in and out of consciousness. At one point she leaned on the counter and you could tell this wasn’t the first time she had done that move. While the other giggled and commented how she was a mess, I went up to her and said, “Be good to yourself.” She turned to me and quietly said, “What do you mean by that?” I replied, “Be good to yourself, that’s all.” 

I turned to get my tray and she was gone, not walking out the door but it was as if she had disappeared. A brother said to me, “She’s a total mess and what do you want to bet she thinks she’s okay.” I nodded, “Yes.” I don’t like to see anyone suffer and sometimes there’s nothing more you can do than to be kind to suffering people. Who knows what she went thru but all I can hope is someone in San Diego shows compassion to Matt even if it’s a few words. This too will pass

12 thoughts on “ Be Good To Yourself…

  1. Some day you’re going to choose the ‘wrong’ person to say something nice to in those eateries of the poor, the hard working, the demented, the fast food junkie, and wham, a palm smack or set of knuckles cross your face, Juan. Then, the mantra, “This too will pass”, will have new meaning….when you look up from the floor to the ceiling or someone bending over and gazing into your eyes, giving you taps on your now glowing cheeks to see if you are conscious.

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  2. All we can do is show empathy and kindness to those who do not get it from the world… and it is good that we do so, for when we do and say and act in good ways towards our fellow man, even though I am not religious, I do believe it does our own souls some good, too. I am sure she will some time believe the kindness of a stranger! 🌹

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