Enough To Drive Gandhi To Drink…

What’s our latest corporate motto, there have been so many. Let’s see, long ago it was “good would be an improvement” or was it, “leave it better than you found it?” At one point they were handing out coffee cups emblazed with our current motto, Rethink The Possibities…

Today was a day that put a few more white hairs on this head of mine. Two days ago, I went out on a repair and found a defective cable pair. I quickly changed it to a new pair. Now I’m going to use a bunch of acronyms but don’t worry, there won’t be a test later. I called the M.L.A.C which is now the G.N.A.C to put the change in the system. I then called A.L.Ca.01 to change the pair. The frame tech said, “Call the R.C.M.A.C and the N.O.C but don’t call the U.V.M.D.C because if you do, they’ll refer you to T.I.E.R 1 and not T.I.E.R2!”

I did exactly as I was told and then I get a call from my supervisor this afternoon, “Hey Big Guy, Did you call the U.V.M.D.C?” I replied, “No. I was told not to call them!” He went on to tell me, “Whoever told you that didn’t get the latest e-mail. Now we call them as of Monday. Oh and you didn’t put in you overtime hours in the W.I.M.P app.” I tried to tell him I had never heard of the W.I.M.P app. Tomorrow everyone in the late shift will watch some sort power point presentation tomorrow regarding that app… Just what I want to see, a slide show with a guy in a fake hard hat telling us the latest requirement which a week later will be no longer required… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Enough To Drive Gandhi To Drink…

  1. I’d send you some acronyms here, but the censor would probably just delete them. I thought IT was complicated, the fake president found out just how complicated health care plans can be, and the world passes on and on and on into a jumble of languages and “cultures” and we can’t speak to each other respectfully. So, when you’re up in the sky, look up and say hi to the birds who live their total lives according to instinct and give us a show of beauty, although they leave some nasty droppings too.

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