Jeff Sessions Did What? 

I love it! The Attorney General of The United States of America spoke to two Russians in his Senate Offices during the campaign and then Jeff Sessions said during his confirmation hearing, “I have no idea who spoke to any Russians.” The truth is, this lying sack needs to go but Trump will say it’s all fake news and this is a petty issue. He’ll then trot out Ms. Blue Eyes to tell us with a smile, “Oh come on guys, give us a break. Mr. Sessions is sorry for what he did. Just look how sorry he looks!” 

Sean Spicer will hold a news conference and tell the media that Jeff Sessions is a good man who is suffering from memory loss due to not serving in Vietnam. He’ll get angry and say, “You should cut him some slack and focus on the great things happening in the country.” Meanwhile, beady eyed Mike Pense is salivating that he and his Tea Party Troop are that much closer to becoming Commander-in-Chief. 

Yes, this is hyperbole but just the fact the Russians were involved in anyway in our election should have set off bells and whistles. Don’t you remember how prior to the election, it was reported that Russian wanted to stand by at our polling places but they were denied access. Didn’t anyone find that rather strange besides me? Trump’s People were incohuets with the Russians. Trump must go! This won’t pass soon enough.

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