Panda Fathers?

I don’t know much about bears but I really doubt bears are good and caring fathers. In fact, I think they regularly, if given the chance, kill their sons and the only thing that stops them from doing so are mama bears. 

I spotted this billboard as I was heading back to the garage last night. I really don’t know who this public service billboard is focused at? A guy smoking dope in his car while his children are at home alone probably wouldn’t take heed to this ad. These sorts of billboards are usually is in the low income areas of Oakland. I really believe distracted fathers really wouldn’t get anything out of a father panda hugging his son but that’s just me… This too will pass

(P.S This morning I emptied out Toonce’s water bowl. I was able to do it. Next step his krunchies dispenser and finally his litter box.)

4 thoughts on “Panda Fathers?

  1. I pass by a similar billboard on the way to my part-time job here in Florida. I have no earthly clue ultimately what it’s supposed to be getting at. I assume it’s some fundamentalist religious group behind it, but I’m not even certain of that. – Marty

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