Some People Drink To Forget…

When you lose someone you care about and love, the mind tries to numb itself of the pain. Tooncie was my cat, he was my friend and I loved him. I must say after I got back from New Jersey, I had no desire to go back to The Firewood Temple. Thankfully, it has stopped raining for now and living in the RV seems much more bearable. 

I know this sounds like magical thinking but maybe the Cosmic Consciousness is giving me what I so desperately need by giving me unlimited overtime. I’ve spend only sleeping hours there and since January I’ve worked a minimum of 11 hours everyday.  We were told this morning that this will end in late March just as I head back to New Jersey…

After having Toonce die in my arm,  I was wiped out and if I had been a drinker, I’d be on a black out binge or maybe take enough Xanax to make my eyes go unfocused. I’m working  endless of overtime hours. Yesterday morning, I officially went into double time and that will last until I finish my shift on Saturday Night. 

This morning, I picked up Tooncie’s Tupperware water bowl and threw it into the garbage. Next will be his kibble bowl and unused litter box. I say to myself, “You have to toughen up Señor Buttercup!” I turn sixty in a few days and after all these years, I never grieved for anyone like I did Mr. Tooncie Booncies… This too will pass

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