The Hypocrite of The Year Award… MikePence 

During the campaign, Mr. Pence would tell his scrum that Hillary should have been investigated for her use of her private email system for government business. He and The Orange One would whip their easily led crowds into a frenzied chant of “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” It’s now been revealed that he did the same thing with his email account and what’s that old line? “Hello pot, it’s kettle calling!” So, this self righteous reptile all along was doing the same thing. 

Wouldn’t it be also interesting to find out that this snake actually has a mistress and at some point has made her get an abortion by flying her out to California? Isn’t he the same slug (I’m sorry if I offended any Gastropoda Molluscs) who signed into law a bill that made abortions almost impossible to obtain in Indiana? Oh no, he made it a requirement to give aborted fetuses a funeral. By the way, that law was struck down by the Indiana Supreme Court…

This guy has to be one of the biggest hypocrites but wait, I thought he was a follower of Jesus Christ? On the campaign trail he would tell his crowds how he was such a holy Christian and of how President Obama was anything but one. Then he would introduce his buddy, the real fake on stage. Does anyone and I mean this seriously, really believe Donald J. Trump ever opened a Bible prior to the campaign? 

No, Mike Pense is a fake and the low I.Q voters got duped into believing this invertebrate was a man of high moral character. He’s a lot of things but moral he isn’t. For his behavior, my first annual Hypocrite Award goes to Mike Pence… This too will pass

3 thoughts on “The Hypocrite of The Year Award… MikePence 

  1. Donnie Jr apparently met with Pro-Kremlin business men prior to our election. The house of cards keep getting more and more unstable, and if the GOPers in Congress keep kissing his orange butt, they will go down with him. The sooner, the better. I think Obama needs to come back and assume the presidency again.

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