V.O.I.C.E Nazi Style…

Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement is Reichfuhrer Trump’s latest plan to stop crime committed by us brown people. 80 years ago another moron did the same thing. The few newspapers he liked were allowed to stay in business and as a favor would list Jews who had committed all sorts of crime. Now to be fair, maybe the people mentioned will have already been convicted by a trial. Unfortunately the only trial a brown one will get is a trial of public opinion. I’m sure Steve Bannon will tell Trump what to do on that subject…

I’m really surprised how fast this little dictator has created a separation between us and them. This time it isn’t against Jews, it’s about the Mexicans. The problem with his delusional grandiose thinking is, he doesn’t remember how things turned out for the last guy who behaved this way. No, he can only see the glory and adulation of the crowds that cheer him on. 

The Orange One is a truly evil man and he is willing to drag us down with him. My father was as Mexican as a man could get but he never did drugs and he hate. Trump enjoys painting all Mexicans with a broad brush, “They bring drugs in and do crimes. I don’t know,  I guess there are a few good ones.” I guess my father was one of the so called good ones. This moron makes me physically sick…  This too will pass

7 thoughts on “V.O.I.C.E Nazi Style…

  1. Today it was announced that not only did ICE pick up a 22 year old activist immigrant who was brought here as a child, they are shipping her out without a hearing. Most think it because she was a thorn in their sides because she had been on TV about her dad and her brother being picked up in their home. Hugs

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