And The Moron Award Goes To… Juan Thompson

You heard about the guy in St. Louis Missouri who thought it would be a good idea to call in bomb threats at his ex-girlfriend’s place of employment? Yes, this fine and upstanding gentleman thought doing these acts would be payback for him being dumped by her or a way of getting them back together because you know, nothing says you care as making people run down a hallway for safety with safety sirens going off.

So now this jilted lover sits in a jail cell hoping his public defender can limit his pain to ten or twenty years, if he’s lucky. I’m sure at least one psych-evaluation will be done on him and he’ll be found to be suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder. Unfortunately for him, there are many inmates in the penal system who suffer from that, just ask John Hinkley. 

I wonder if this Nobel Laureate thought at any point what he was doing might not work out in his favor? Yes, the nominees for my, sadly to say, Weekly Moron Award is now up to three: the guy who shot up a bar thinking he was killing Iranians when they were actually Indians, Donald J. Trump for thinking healthcare wouldn’t be complicated and this guy for calling in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers… This too will pass

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