Trump’s Cabin-Nyet!

Trump’s Troop of Misfits is comprised of Rick Perry, a guy who tried to increase his IQ by putting on intelligent looking glasses, Ben Carson, a guy who said he lived in public housing thus he understood the issues of The Department of Housing and Urban Affairs and Jeff Sessions a lying sack of you know what!? Need I mention the other low life’s?  No, this post is about Russia’s meddling in our last and future elections. 

Now it’s been revealed that Good O’l Boy, Jeff Sessions wasn’t the only one to run into the Russian Ambassador, a team of Trump’s loyalists did the same. I find it incredible that any honest Republican can say what happened between Trump’s Team of Sods and Russia’s agents and operatives is just fine. I guess that shows us how moral less our Republican Party is.

For Jeff Sessions to forgot what he spoke about with the Ambassador of Russia, does anyone believe that. They talked about the weather I suppose. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the possibility of Trump being aided covertly. The Russian Ambassador and Trump both say this is a witch hunt but the real thing is. Trump knows the simple minded will believe him as long as he keeps mentioning jobs, illegal aliens and God… God have mercy on us… This too will pass

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