March For Trump… Not Here You Don’t

There were thousands of people protesting the handful of pro-Trump attempting to hold a rally in Downtown Berkeley.  My advice to the Pro-Trump people, “Don’t bring that nationalism cloaked white supremacy stuff around here. Take it to Florida, Georgia or Texas, you’d get a better welcome there. 

I turned on the news as I approached the city square and parked my truck. Up ahead hundreds of riot geared police were setting up a defensible formation. How could I miss the action? I took off my World’s Largest Telecommunications Company garb and headed for the frontline but by the time I got there, the crowd had already headed to the U.C Campus. I knew it would soon get out of hand.

As soon as I returned to the truck, I heard the rioting had started, burning city garbage cans littered the route. Am I for rioting and violence? No. Yet, if we don’t do something to stop this little dictator then we will have to deal with a more powerful him in the future. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “March For Trump… Not Here You Don’t

  1. Apparently several cities had pro-trumo rallies, totally a few hundred people at each. The anti-trumos far outnumbered them all. My sister, who has never marched in her life, went to an anti-trumo rally in Chicago. She said she was proud of herself. I wonder if there some kind of gene pool that trumo shares with the likes of Trujillo (El Jefe), the dictator of Peru who was assassinated back in 1961. Tumo could be called El Orangután or La Naranja Uno. I think it would be fitting for his title to be in Spanish since he gets his diapers in a bunch about the Latinos.


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