Oh Canada! You Are So Good To Us!

I just heard on NPR that the Canadian Government has stepped up funding to provide safe harbor for immigrants trying to get out of this fascist state we call America. It’s not that Canada is increasing its border walls, it’s that they give a damn about people in need. I can’t vote for Justin Trudeau but if I could certainly would. He’s a breath of fresh air as opposed to what dreckish politicians we have here. 

Imagine a country that welcomes the poor, needy and unwashed. I read that somewhere on a statue plaque that we used to do that. Now we are rounding up The Jews, I mean The Mexicans… Shouts of, “Schnell Jude!” are now being replaced by, “Apurate Mexicanos!” You think it’s hyperbole but it’s happening but I guess I’m not one of them so it doesn’t matter…

Soon it will be the impertinent journalist who disappears in the night or maybe an outspoken WordPress blogger. Who knows, I might get to like a bowl of Poutine. Don’t even ask me what that is but if you’re lactose intolerant, I’d highly advise you to pass on it and I could learn the Canadian National Anthem. Thankfully, I have a valid passport waiting should I need it… This won’t pass fast enough but it will

11 thoughts on “Oh Canada! You Are So Good To Us!

  1. I had to look up Poutine. Check it out locally. Smoke’s Poutinerie, 2516 Durant Ave, Berkeley. Is this what is giving the Berkeley RESIST energy? Cholesterol hell for sure.

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  2. You can find it in several places throughout northern California. Cheese curds? Never heard of that before. Make it home.
    1 quart vegetable oil (for frying)
    1 (10 1/4 ounce) can beef gravy.
    5 medium potatoes, cut into fries.
    2 cups cheese curds.


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  3. Hello Juan. You are correct, it does matter. Also even though we are not one of the first groups to be harassed ( I am actually one of the first groups the White Nationals hate. ) they will get around to us eventually. Plus in NY outside tRump Towers the police tried to restrict and then arrest news reporters. It was filmed that one reporter argued with the police officer about being press, then when the cameraman had to change memory cards and something else the police officer said they were no longer reporters as they were not reporting and were now protesters and ordered them arrested. luckily there were enough people filming and the people there kept calling the mayor’s communications office that the police did not go through with the threat. But they did their best to intimidate and harass people. They got the message across that the police would hurt anyone who challenged them. It scared me watching it. Hugs

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  4. I have a number of Canadian friends and I keep telling them, I am so jealous of them! On top of his views immigration and overall decency as a human being, he’s gorgeous, lol. This country is so sick, it’s gonna take years after we get rid of the Orange one to heal it into a somewhat cohesive country again.

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