Rain, Work and More Rain…

The rain began as expected just as I was finishing my final job last night. I then sat in my truck watching the rain fall thinking, “You just made 11 hours of double-time. Stay at a motel down here.” I did just that. I just didn’t want to drive the 45 miles north and then slog thru the mud to the RV. I ended up using what remaining points I had at this Homewood Suites. The best thing about the room was taking a real shower rather than the RV sprinkle. 

The weather people said it wasn’t going to be a strong storm, it appears they were wrong. It poured all night and I just looked out the window and it’s raining hard. I guess I’ll have to put on my rain gear today and without fail, my boots will end up damp by the end of the day… 

What will today bring? Let’s see. It’s the start of a new pay period and an eleven hour day will get me that much closer to doubletime by next Saturday. I know what you’re saying, “Is it all about money?” My answer is, “No but it keeps my mind off of other things.” At some point I’ll pick up Toonce’s kibble bowl. This too will pass

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