It Is What It Is Until It Ain’t Anymore…

I think might be one of the 100 people in this country who make it a point of listening to Praire Home Companion on NPR. Am I a country boy? Hardly but I do like the little comedy skits they do and the music they play makes me smile. 

The other day, the program’s resident female country singer performed, “It is what it is till it ain’t anymore.” It was a song about a country breakup and how things are they way they are until they aren’t anymore. I tried to find it on Apple Music but Apple must have passed on it. Management at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has  lately been using the term, it is what it is when giving bad news. I’d love to see them add, until it isn’t anymore…

Management wanted us this morning to fill out the usual employee happiness survey. It came with the usual loaded questions such as, “Does your immediate support you when you have a suggestion?” Who the heck are they asking, we do as we are told and have no say in anything. When we mention some fault in some procedure, they reply, “It is what it is.” Well off to bed… This too will pass

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