“You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”

“Sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.” It was either Jesus Christ or Mick Jagger who uttered those famous words. At exactly at 8:07pm on March 7th in 1957,  I showed up onto this plane of existence. I figured it took 60 years of events to get me to this point in my life. Let me do a three paragraph synopsis of what happened to get me right here right now…

I was born. Father and mother loved each other yet couldn’t stand one another. I lived in a broken home, completely isolated as a child. (See following sentence) Molested repeatedly. Grew up an under achiever. (See prior sentence.) I then was literally put in a monastery thru my teenage years by a religious zealot of a mother. Got involved with someone who had nothing in common with me. Three kids later we divorced. Met up with a beautiful woman, had a beautiful daughter thanks to moms genes but she had had enough of my behavior, I’ll admit it…

Somewhere in between all that, I fell in love with someone who I truly thought was spiritually awake. I won’t go into details but that was my personal 17 year delusion. It wasn’t her fault, she was who she was. I recently helped her a couple of times in her time of need, she never even said thanks but I didn’t ask for it either. Most recently lost my feline friend and here we are.  

I just took you thru the “It’s a small world ride” of Juan C Guerra’s life. Oh I forgot to add, in 1991, I found my mom dying on her bedroom floor and in 2008, I found my father slumped in his bed dead. We only later found out my half brother died far away and in all likelihood my half sister is no longer with us. I find it amazing that for none of those four people I had a tear for. Toonce’s passing on the other hand affected me beyond belief… My question is, did I get what I need? This too will pass

8 thoughts on ““You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”

  1. Juan your path on the journey through life has been a hard road to travel. Take comfort that despite it all you have developed into a grand person, a caring man, a loving family man. You have overcome your past to become a person Hunter can always be proud of. Some day he will be telling his friends about his super cool smart grandpa. Hugs

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  2. A belated happy birthday and wishes for many happy returns of the day. I’m sorry for your losses, of which Toonce is not the least. Some animals just have our hearts. Thank you for the thumbnail sketch and I feel fortunate that I know you enough to fill in some of the details. Be well my friend and may you be blessed.

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