A Booze Hound Explaining HTTP…

I’ve listened to quite a few Ted Talks since it’s inception. I recently happened on an unofficial take off,  Drunk Ted Talks. I researched Drunk Ted Talks and found they have a few cease and desist orders against them. This talk consisted of a woman trying to lecture her audience the secrets of how the World Wide Web operates. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing funny about alcoholic…

I’ve seen the effects of alcoholism close up and quite frankly it’s sad. The first sad thing is, they think they’re just fine. The woman on this video attempted to explain how http works while people laughed out loud, not with her but at her. A sober person wouldn’t stand for being the brunt of such a joke. 

Another sad thing about being an alcoholic is their self imposed isolation and when they do try to reach out they find other miserable souls stuck in their own unhappiness. I didn’t offer a link to this woman making an ass of herself. You find her if you want, it’s sad. Maybe it was done in hopes of it being funny, for me it wasn’t that… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “A Booze Hound Explaining HTTP…

  1. Again you show what a wonderful person you are. By not giving the link, by being understanding, by refusing to just go with the crowd. I find most people drink to excess for two reasons. To relive a pain they cant deal with mentally or emotionally. Or to achieve an altered mental state, to “get high”. The reason again is related to an emotional problem. Like you I have dealt with alcoholics on and off all my life. It was only when the issues were addressed in their lives were they able to walk away from the booze. Hugs

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