Fiber To The Prem…

When I started to work for The World’s Largest Telecommunications, high speed consisted of a new invention called a fax machine and if you got 56,000 bits per second, well you were speeding along happily. This morning on my way into work, I saw one of our massive blue electronic billboards proclaiming “The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Fiber…20x faster!”

Zeke and I worked together on the first fiber job of the day up in the well to do part of the Oakland Hills. The elderly customer was a stock broker and needed five computer screens operating at the same time to do his business. He had a 32,000,000 meg profile and by the time we left he was operating at 1 billion megs. He was a happy camper upon our completion. 

I can’t even fathom what one billion anything is in a second. Is it a couple encyclopedias sets worth of information a second? I really haven’t a clue, all I know it’s super fast. Copper will be around long after I’m a memory in the retiree death section of The Company’s online monthly journal… 

They wanted to team me up with Alan M. I told John, “I can’t stand that guy. He was born in 1992 and he barks orders like he’s a Marine Drill Instructor.” John said, “Yeah, I know Big Guy. He’s young but he knows his stuff. Okay, I’ll put you with Mr. Spruell. He’s more your age.” I just can’t stand Millennials who think we triceratops are dinosaurs. One of “Them” came up to me and said, “Hey when you leave, can I have dibs on your tool bin? I want some of the old fashioned tools you old guys used to use.” This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Fiber To The Prem…

  1. I understand your problem with those like Alan M. I had the same problem with the young man we rescued and let move in with us. I had taught James computers when he was a kid. When he moved in he was about 19. He kept think he knew more about computers and computer stuff than I did. We constantly battled. I hated to start a computer project with him in the house.

    I am stunned at the speeds you mention. Here in “old Florida” where I live comcast cable is the fastest I can get, and it is nowhere near those speeds. Plus it is expensive. I have to look and see what DSL is now, for the longest time they were slower than cable, but then our cost for just internet on cable just increased from $50 to $80 a month. So I was rather upset about that.

    I just spent almost three hours trying to find information on splicing fiber optic cable. I found a bunch of stuff on how to join single strands or fibers. I found a lot of stuff on how to dig the trenches and underground runs, some of the machines were grand. What I couldn’t find is how to splice or join a large multi fiber cable like you work on. I guess I don’t know the terms. Can you tell me how the heck you do that in the field. Maybe you could send me a link to a video on it. Thanks.

    Well of to make supper. Hugs.

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      • Yes, I was able to watch videos on both, and I was able to watch fascinating videos on how to run all sorts of different cables with fantastic machines, but it was the cables you mentioned, the 24 strands I was thinking of. For some reason I had the idea of you out in the rain trying to match up and join each of the 24 strands together to splice a broken cable. It would be enough to drive a saint mad. Hugs


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