One thought on “ one of my favorite movies!

  1. That fascinating, elusive, undefinable quality and experience of “love” sure can be a tangle of ups and downs, all arounds, twists and turns, and may even be a major challenge for many, if not most, of us. Fear sure can put a damper on it, but the addition of communication can make it flow like a running creek that glistens with the sunshine. What I do know now is that love can’t be forced, nor can it be bound up as if it were a perfect, neatly tied gift box, but has to flow where it wills to go. Have I known it? I think so, yes, I have. Did it last? No it did not. My first love was in college and crumbled because my lover was too afraid to express it. The second love was an entanglement between two immature people, one being in love with the idea of being in love, and me, well, I was just horny and didn’t know how to handle myself, let alone another’s feelings.

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