My New Passion… Fiber

I don’t want to sound like an old man but back in the days when I started this job, utility poles had 25 pair terminals on them and we were lucky if we found a fifty pair Terminal. Now a days this six port terminal is all you need to fiber up the block. Gone will be the need for those thick round copper cables. One 24 fiber cable can wire up an entire block beyond belief when it comes to data passing thru it… 

Without going into details this customer worked out of a human relations company in Davis California. Rather than commuting, he’ll work from home. Who needs to get on 80 East and travel 60 miles in mind numbing traffic? The fiber will allow him to video conference with his peers and go about his business. 

I rather string up a fiber drop than try to find a bleached out yellow green pair of wire in a mass of bleached color coded cable. Even in the rain life is easier and the fiber drop weighs almost nothing… There will always be some copper in the field but soon 19,000,000 customers will have The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Fiber… This too will pass

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