Russia New Laws on Domestic Violence…

You would think that in today’s world Russian lawmakers would toughen up on those found guilty of domestic violence. Think again. The Russian Parlament has loosened up the rules for those convicted of doing such bad things. I was hearing on NPR how last year if someone was found guilty of assaulting their partner, they would receive two years in prison. Well the parliament has changed the rules; five hundred rubles and fifteen day in jail is now the penalty. 

You know nothing says love as giving your loved one a broken arm or bruise… A women was interviewed and it was the usual pattern: the honeymoon phase followed by the escalation phase and then the violence… I can’t forget the “I’m sorry and look what you made me do phase.” Well this moron had been drinking  all night and she got him mad. Right!? It was her fault…

The inebriated moron ended up throwing gasoline on her and lighting her up. She survived and he got off with 15 days because it was his first recorded event… This is what I find amazing, three female parliamentarians voted for the bill limiting punishment because, get this “a husband has to sometimes show his family he’s in charge.” Wow… I know this sounds like I made it up but it’s true… This too will pass- not soon enough 

6 thoughts on “Russia New Laws on Domestic Violence…

  1. This is horrific. Russia is a cold place and we would be the same if Bannon has his way. I wake up every day hoping they have finally crossed the line … What will it take for Trps base to admit he is deranged?.

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  2. Russians may be blatantly neanderthal, but, just as the racism in this country has raised its ugly head in recent months here in the USA, I suspect the same macho alpha beliefs still hold true here in segments of our population. I worked in a domestic violence center once, and the amount of violence of women toward men is just as alarming but not reported to the public. And, the phenomenon exists across ethnic lines, gender lines, straight/gay/bi lines.


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