The Gravy Train Is Pulling In Tonight…

After three months of getting a minimum of time and a half everyday, The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company has  put a kabosh on the unlimited overtime they have been forced to offer. Thus no coming in at 8am, only 9am… I’m again scheduled to work this weekend thus Saturday and tomorrow is all double time. 

The days have all run together from all the days and hours due to hours I’ve worked. The crew’s at the garage are totally burnt out. On the plus side, they just offered a loan to Grass Valley California. I volunteered but as with any overtime opportunity, it goes by seniority. The loan is scheduled to end the day I am to fly back East. 

Grass Valley is usually below the snow level. I have never worked in the white stuff. It will be an adventure to say the least. Good thing is they put us up in nice motels and give us money per diem. If I don’t get the loan then I will do more fiber here… It works out either way! This too will pass

7 thoughts on “The Gravy Train Is Pulling In Tonight…

  1. Speaking of fiber is everyone trained to do that work, or do they people who do one thing and others to do another. Specialists. Is that a promotion or money increase? How much more seniority can someone have than you, you have been there since god turned the lights on and installed the first handset. 🙂 hugs
    ( I heard he had to go with headsets because T-rex arms were too short to do regular phone handsets. )


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