Toonce’s Krunchies Bowl…

“It’s obvious you’re not coming back. You were a great cat and I miss your face kiddo.” And with that, I placed his kibble dispenser in the black garbage bag. There now seem to be a rat which has made his home in the engine compartment. If Toonce had been around, well that wouldn’t have happened. Even though Toonce had human like qualities, he was pure cat and had great mousing abilities. 

I threw in the bag his few remaining Fancy Feast cans because after Chris told me, “That stuff causes cancer.” I didn’t want to give it away. A vial of flea and tick medicine also was placed in the bag. Actually if it was anything that give Toonce cancer it probably that flea stuff. Next is removal his litter box, I know it should have been the first but I need to bury the sand in the forest. As soon as I do that chore, I need to clean up his muddy paw prints still on the floor. 

With the spring warm weather finally here and our workload slowing down, it appears that they will be sending the loaner techs from the Midwest back to where they came from, with that our time and a half days will come to an end. In three months, I made what some people make in a year. It’s not about the money, it’s about drowning myself in work rather than drowning myself in heartbreak and tears for the lose of my feline friend… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Toonce’s Krunchies Bowl…

  1. I completely understand you! I love my 2 cats so much aswell. The oldest one will die probably this year.. hang in there. Hang on to one of his bowls or something like that, if it is helpful. Some people find that comforting, some find it even more painful… take care of you. 🌹


  2. Understand, been there. For me the solution to the sharp pain was to find one that needed rescuing and doing my best for them. The pain never goes completely away. But it went from sharp to dull in the background pain. I have never forgotten any of them, but each had things that I adored. I hope peace comes to you soon Juan, you gave him such a wonderful gift of life with you. Hugs

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