Firewood Time Nears…

As the weather warms and the rains slow down, soon the sound of a chainsaw and splitter will fill the quiet forest. No I won’t have Toonce silently watching over me or maybe he will be. Yesterday, as Rob and I were driving in I turned to him and said, “Soon the firewood season will be here. Hopefully when I get back on April 3rd, the sun will be up earlier.” He nodded, “Yes.”

The reason I posted this piece of music is because it’s a tribute to trees that provide so wonderful shade, you might say it’s almost a prayer to beauty of trees. This year, no growing trees will be felled. Only the trees that did not survive the winter’s wind and rain will provide the wood. In a few days, I intend on getting the guts to pick up Toonce’s remains and scatter them where he would have sat while he watched me cut wood. Just writing this puts tears in my eyes and here I sit at a Sonoma Starbucks. This too will pass

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