A Smart Moron…

Management did the math incorrectly and only one technician from each Bay Area District is going on this work vacation. It’s me! It’s me! I’m representing from the Oakland Area. There were two disappointed guys in the garage last night because they were informed that they weren’t going. 

I looked at the list of vacationers, I mean workers and one was Attila from my days in San Francisco when M. and I were deep into the union, we repeatedly saved his job. The Company had told Attila, “Don’t go the coffee shop we know you go to every morning!” What does this moron do? He parks in front of the place the next day. The managers find him there and they hand him a 30 day suspension and a final warning. 

He returns from his suspension and is told, “Do not and we mean it. Do not go out of route. Don’t go to that coffee shop or you will be dismissed.” What does he do? You guessed it. What he didn’t understand is GPS had just been installed in his truck and they knew every turn he made… M. was the President of The Local and directly spoke with management to not fire Attila with promises of him never doing it again…

Fast forward two months and another 30 day suspension. Where do they find Attila? That’s right, at home this time. They escort him back to the garage and I’m the steward on duty. There he is, all sweaty. They say to him, “Attila we warned you repeatedly not to go out of route!” He looked all sad faced and that’s when he fell to the floor and started saying, “I let M. down and the District Manager Jeff Lim down.” They fired him. It took him  two years to get his job back. He lost two years of seniority and wasn’t paid back for wages lost. 

His defense was, English was his second language, had they warned him in his native Turkish language, he would have followed the orders or so the employment court judge ruled. I know it’s bogus but I guess he had a good employment lawyer and I’m sure he played his accent to the max… This too will pass

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