Grass Valley Here We Come!

My last loan to this part of The Sierras was a blast. It was a bus man’s holiday of sorts. We showed up little later in April and during the drought but I was driving my old dog catcher truck. I’ve never worked in the snow but it can’t be that much harder. I’ll do the best I can. It was on one of those back roads where I met a relative of German General Friedrich Paulus. I noticed his last name on the trouble ticket and before long, we were checking out some his memorabilia. 

They’re putting us up at a Holiday Inn Express on the main drag. I have quite a few points there from my ill fated attempt to help someone a couple of years ago. Now with no Toonce to worry about, I don’t need to rush back. On the final day of the loan, I will drive back to Oakland, pick up Tashi and head to SFO. 

The good thing about this hotel is they do a pretty tasty breakfast and thus the 45 dollars meal per diem can go for a good dinner. Back to the snow. I’m not worried, it’s going to be in the seventies and sunny. I think Grass Valley is below the snowline though the above picture looks a bit snowy. This too will pass 

4 thoughts on “Grass Valley Here We Come!

  1. “Many of those who came to settle in Grass Valley were tin miners from Cornwall, England. They were attracted to the California gold fields because the same skills needed for deep tin mining were needed for hardrock (deep) gold mining. Many of them specialized in pumping the water out of very deep mining shafts. This followed the disastrous fall in tin prices as large alluvial deposits began to be exploited elsewhere.
    Grass Valley still holds on to its Cornish heritage, with events such as its annual Cornish Christmas and St Piran’s Day celebrations.[6] Pasties are a local favorite dish with a few restaurants in town specializing in recipes handed down from the original immigrant generation. Grass Valley is also twinned with the Cornish town of Bodmin, UK.” (Wikipedia)

    Didn’t it become a major haven of old hippies?

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  2. Have fun. You will be out of your home town so you can do as you please. Work during the day and party all night. Or the other way round. What was a dog catcher truck, compared to what you have now? Hugs

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