Kids Now A Days…

 These four preteens were acting like children until they all began telling each other about their therapist’s diagnosis. “My therapist says I have OCD and ADHD. How about you Katie?” “My doctor says I have OCD and ADD.” The other kids chimed in their acronyms. “I saw a bad car accident and they say I have PTSD.” The fourth child said, “I get panic attacks…

They then began to talk about their trips on planes in first class and of how they felt confined sitting for 8 hours on a plane. Again the discussion of their disorders turned serious. The East Indian boy said, “My mom had to get me my meds because I started to go crazy. That was a 15 hour flight from Mumbai.” I guess it good they are able discuss their issues.

After a few minutes their talk returned to child talk about who liked who in class. One girl called her mom and asked if she could go to a friend’s house. At that point they grabbed all their band instruments and headed out. The Starbucks went back to complete silence after they left… This too will pass

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