This Is How I Waste My Day…

When I’m sitting in my truck between jobs, I watch planes land on YouTube videos. When my sons were young we would go out to SFO and watch the planes take off and land. After 9/11 they took that away from us. No longer could we park close to the runway and feel the thrust of hot air as the planes would prepare for takeoff. So here I sit watching videos of LAX. I like flying into LAX! Would I want to live in the flight path of Los Angeles International, hardly. Notice as the plane approaches the runway, The 405 down below. I don’t know when they filmed this but I’ve been on it, and it’s always congested. 7am in the morning or 10 at night, it’s a parking lot. Especially outside LAX. I believe the first freeway below is the 710. Never been on it but I believe it links the 5 with the 10. I haven’t a clue.

Okay now I need to get back to work. Some moron hit a telephone pole with their car and i need to see if our cable has been damaged. One final thing on Los Angeles and I don’t know if you can read the comments on this video. The author says, “It was a clear day.” I guess it’s a clear day other than the brown smog… This too will pass



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