Your Words Hurt John…

John called my last night to officially tell me I had been picked up for the upcoming loan to Grass Valley. He went on to tell me that I will represent this garage and to try and do a good job. I then went into my bit by saying, “John, your word hurt! Didn’t your ex wife tell you that your words hurt?” I went onto tell him how my mother said I was the hardest working boy she ever knew and of how she would give me a big glass of Bosco and cookies when I finished my 3rd grade homework.

“Hey listen Big Guy, I’m just saying do what you’re supposed to be doing. I give everyone this speech.” I replied,”Are you saying no beer filled nights followed by hookers in my truck? Is that what you’re saying? I want to know John, is this because I’m black or not black enough? Just tell me John?” “Have a good trip.” He hung up.

When Phil J. used to be my supervisor he played along better. John’s all business. With Phil I could say, “You know Phil, we just don’t talk anymore and when we do talk it’s about you and your wants and needs! We’ve drifted apart Phil!” Come to think of it, he’d hang up on me too. I know what I’m supposed to be doing and not doing while I’m there. This too will pass

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