The Port Saint Lucie Florida Award Nominee…

Did you hear about this man who was arrested the other day for just doing his patriotic act? Yes this man was tired of “The Arabs” in this country of ours. So what does this genius do? He rolls a dumpster in front of a Ma and Pa store and sets it on fire. The problem was he couldn’t tell the difference between a person from the Middle East and someone from India…

Yes, this 64 year old Moron of The Week Nominee wanted all Arabs out of the country so he thought sending a warning signal to a local store owner would do it. What do you want to bet he voted for Trump and I also would want to wager if he got a chance, he would enthusiastically help round up the undesirables in this country.

In his pea sized brain, all people of the Middle East are Arabs and all people to the South are Mexicans. The truth is, I’d have to Google where Port Saint Lucie is, but I’m sure there are others there that think all Arabs and Mexicans should get out of this country. Is this America or did Trump awaken a sleeping monster… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “The Port Saint Lucie Florida Award Nominee…

  1. I hope it passes – it certainly calls to light the need for more education, and perhaps, a shout out to media to be cautious of the stereotypes created – everyone has a responsibility when it comes to eradicating ignorance.

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  2. The monster has always been there, just picks different people to target, at different times. Women are always a target, we have no rights, and that’s the way it’s always been. Hate, greed and rich white males rule the world. The world is a reflection of what hateful, greedy rich white males are. Ugly, destructive, vile hateful, sexist, and well, you know the rest.

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