Can It Get Worst… You Bet It Can…

The man on the left is Mr. Roger Stone, one of Trump’s close buddies and advisors. Seems Mr. Stone has been very naughty and hopefully soon they both get their come uppings. Mr. Stone texted the people who had been hacking into the DNC last year. When confronted with these allegations he wrote it off as, “Nothing of importance.” I guess he sent a few happy face emoji’s and typed a few LOL’s. 

Intel reports now say Putin sent a direct order to his underlings to sway our presidential election. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump hopes we as his people forget about it. No wonder he keeps telling us how he won legitimately and big. I mean maybe in that thieving heart of his, he felt the need to tell his people he won big as to make himself not look like the true cheat he is… 

It appears that Wikileaks was given the 30,000 e-mails from Russia. The whole thing sickens me and the only two men of power to do anything about it, well they are marked men yet they don’t know it. I wouldn’t put it pass the dictator to somehow take care of Senators McCain and Graham. If this happens, the Night of the Long Knives will look like child’s play…

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