I Know This Sounds Crazy…

For those of you who have blogs dedicated to our feline friends, I haven’t been able to visit your sites. Just seeing a cat leaves me sad and there’s a big hole in my heart after Toonce’s death. Yesterday afternoon, I happened upon a cat that looked a lot like Toonce. He was minding his business and I went up to him. He hissed at me and ran off into some bushes. 

Believe it or not, Toonce and I had a bond. Saying a man has a bond with a cat might sound delusional. I’m sure some of you think I’m insane when I speak of “The Bond.” I know Toonce didn’t know what a bond was yet every night, in rain or cold, there he was waiting for me to show up.  

He could easily have been lying on a warm bed but there he was freezing his multi-toed paws off. I think for now I must swear off cats. There will be no dogs in my future, I can’t stand dogs. I’m not afraid of them but I stand my distance. I can’t stand the way they slobber, Toonce never slobbered… How I wish Toonce was still here, oh this too will pass

9 thoughts on “I Know This Sounds Crazy…

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkNbMZhEGEw A sunny day here in the land of Oaks. Woke up surprised that the hour had changed (silly Daylight Savings Time). A day without Toonce is a rough one, huh, Juan. But, many people slobber too besides dogs. I’m more of a dog guy, not a cat one. Not the “snake food” kind of dog (little hybrid snappers and yappers). When I was an infant, Baron, our German shepherd, was “my dog”, my guardian. Been told I even put my head in his open mouth and he just held me. Mom used to warn anyone who wanted to pick me up (besides her) that they would not be allowed to put me down. Baron was a swift one to protect me. Dad got rid of him, out of jealousy, and he couldn’t beat them! I had a cat, later in life, Jed, who just was his own man~cat. Unpredictable. Never again. So, Juan, happy grieving with those fond memories of your “bond” with Toonce. Like many a love, never to be repeated, unique, and precious.

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  2. I don’t think it’s insane, it’s part of grieving a deep relationship. Loss in any case is difficult… My cat and I have a special bond and I fear the day I’m in your shoes.

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  3. Not crazy. Normal! My cat Maggie used to be by the door every day when I came home. She was alerted by the garage door opening. What was most remarkable though, was that when I was having a hard time,all sad and heartbroken, she would sit with me, and come up on the bed and sleep in my arm purring. She was no lap cat… but she was always there for me. 😁 Like Toonce was for you.

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  4. The question is why do YOU think it’s strange to have a bond with your cat. We do that, sometimes the bonds are much stronger than they could ever be with people. Take a cat break. Maybe the new cat will come back, maybe Toonce sent him. You never know. I’m a cat person. Dogs are great, just not for me.

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