Today I Start…

I looked in the mirror this morning and said, “You’re fat and if you don’t lose some of this bear fat, Hunter won’t have a grandfather much longer!” So with that proclamation, I now give up those awesome cherry turnovers at Picazo at the bottom of the hill and no bread stuff. Somehow I’ll survive on low to no carbs; oh and I’m cutting down on the sugars too. When I go to Starbucks, no more yummy mochas and only one squirt of mango in my iced teas…

Tomorrow, I start the official Juan Guerra radical transformation into a somewhat lean machine. Oh play with me on this. The Holiday Inn in Grass Valley has a gym and I’ll use it every morning. I’ll walk more and be more active. Yesterday I had to drag my 28 footer off the truck. I crossed the busy street and then down the side driveway. That act nearly killed me; I did what I needed to do with the ladder then had to lower it and haul it once again across the street. 

They say the first step on the journey is the hardest. This morning at this Black Bear Diner, I had one of their healthy breakfasts sans the hash browns and toast. I also had water rather than iced tea or orange juice. Tomorrow morning I literally head for the hills, the hills of Grass Valley. On the 24th, I return with a boat load of money and then head to see Hunter. Hopefully I will have shed a few pounds of this blubber… This too will pass

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